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project proposal

project proposal

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We will consider any request- if you can imagine it, our Stars can bring it to life for you. We have a plethora of skills available for artmaking of all varieties.
We ask for a $10 fee for review and project proposal.
We will review your request, assign the most appropriate Star Artist for production, and provide a project proposal within 72 hours of  request receipt.

The proposal will include:

Estimated time to complete with a promised by date

General description of final product. (When possible, this will include a sketch or visual depiction of what you can expect)

Materials to be used (changes during production will be communicated to you via email; if changes result in a cost adjustment,  or significant difference in final product, production will be paused pending your approval- a new completion date may be assigned and will be communicated to you within 24hrs of determined need for additional time.)

Estimated total  cost (upon completion, an itemized list of supplies used and associated charge to you can be provided- Please indicate 'itemize completion cost' with the acceptance of our proposal. If request for itemization is made after production has started, a less detailed estimate will be included rather than a specific, detailed list of all contributing costs to final charge.)

Any questions, concerns, associated restrictions, suggestions, etc. from the primary Star Artist assigned to your project.

You may choose to accept, decline, or counter our proposal. If you like pieces of our idea but see a different approach for any step in the process, let us know- we will reassess and provide a modified proposal to suit your preference. An additional consideration fee of $5 per re-proposal will be charged.

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Note: Please send an email with the details of your project proposal request in addition to completing a purchase for a 'project proposal'. If you purchase proposal and we do not receive a corresponding email, we will either refund your payment or send you a surprise one-of-a-kind piece of Star Art! This action will be determined completely on a whim and we will not explain ourselves.